Courses at a Glance

Career Development

Heli-Success Career Development Seminar March 3
Military to Civilian Transition Workshop March 4
Résumé / CV Writing Workshop March 4

Maintenance Skills

Helicopter Maintenance Management March 1–4
Essentials of Troubleshooting March 2
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance March 2–3
Regulations 101: Law for the Aviation Professional March 3
HUMS and HFDM – Helicopter Health, Usage, Flight-Data Monitoring March 3–4
Part 21: Certification Procedures for Products and Parts March 4
Regulations Impacting the Sale, Purchase, Inspection and Installation of Aircraft Parts March 4

Management Skills

Helicopter Operator Management February 28–March 5
Project Management March 3
Effective Leadership in Aviation March 4
The Nutz and Boltz of Financing or Leasing Your Helicopter - How it Really Works! March 4
Advanced Helicopter Operator Management March 8–10


Pilot Skills
Pilot Human Factors: Threat and Error Management March 2–3
Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment (Part I) March 3
Helicopter Aerodynamics Without Equations March 3
Introduction to Vertical Reference Long-Line March 3
Flight Instructor Refresher Course March 3–4
Advanced Vertical Reference Long-Line Applications March 4
Mountain Flying Ground School March 4
Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment (Part II) March 4
Surviving the Inadvertent IMC Environment March 5


Safety Management Systems March 2–4
Introduction to Helicopter Accident Investigation  March 3
Fundamentals of IS-BAO Workshop March 3
SMS Manual Development Workshop March 4
IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation Workshop March 4